The Founders

  • Jorge Luis Soto

    Co-Founder and CEO

    Prior to launching FirstCut, Jorge was Head of Inside Sales for Twitter’s MoPub team, a serial entrepreneur with over 14 years of sales, marketing, and product development experience.

  • Tomas De Matteis

    Co-Founder, Engineering & Production Lead

    Prior to co-founding FirstCut Tomas co-founded Sotoventures Media in San Francisco and Fusion Films in Madrid, Spain. He has over 15 years of expertise in video production, film making, and all things A/V. He is also full stack developer and engineering lead at #FirstCut.

The Advisors

  • Max Altschuler

    Revenue Advisor

    Max Altschuler is the CEO of Sales Hacker Inc, and author of the book Hacking Sales. He’s also an avid investor and advisor in companies he can help engage with B2B customers.

  • Jim Payne

    Strategic Advisor

    Prior to joining FirstCut’s advisory board, Jim was CEO at MoPub, which sold to Twitter in 2013 for $400 million plus. Jim is currently investing in startups and advising adtech and SaaS companies.

  • Mehdi Ait Oufkir

    Technology Advisor

    Prior to joining FirstCut’s advisory board, Medhi was Head of CRM Product & Technology at WalMart eCommerce and co-founder & CTO at Punchtab, which sold to Walmart in 2015.

  • Aslam Najeebdeen

    UI/UX Advisor

    Aslam and Jorge have been working together for over 6 years and previously Co-founded Angelpad incubator sales tech startup Feedgen. Aslam oversees all our front-end design and development to ensure that FirstCut’s UI/UX is as flexible as possible.

  • John Pelly

    Revenue Advisor

    John Pelly has the unique ability to uses technology and engineering to understand powerful finance models and trends. He’s been a Associate at Highbridge Capital Management in NYC, and spent most of his career as a software engineer for companies like Google, Pivotal Labs, McAfee, and was top of his class in computer science at MIT.

  • Matt Hubert

    Product Advisor

    Matt joined FirstCut’s advisory board as a technology product expert. He is currently Co-founder and CEO at San Francisco, CA based Bitmatica and travels the world teaching corporations how to be more agile and innovative.

The Team

  • Alexander Lim


    Prior to joining FirstCut, Alexander worked as Program Coordinator at Youth ALIVE, a violence prevention program in Oakland, CA. Before that he was in customer success at and after working at CBS Radio in production.

  • Pedro De Matteis

    Post-Production Lead

    Pedro is a post-production and audio engineering wizard who loves bringing our customer’s stories to life. He’s also been an audio engineer for over two decades, loves to make music with his wonderful wife, and tours the Americas producing music.

  • Maria Teresa Soto-Aranaz

    Accounting and Finance

    Maria aka “Maite” heads up FirstCut’s accounting and finances. She’s also an amazing visual artist who has created art ranging from oil painting to sculpturing. In Maite’s free time she is highly engaged is the esoteric sciences, human spirituality, and music.

  • Felipe Galíndez

    Visual Communication Designer

    Felipe is an animation 3D and mograph maniac with passion for illustration, UX/UI design, and all things visual design and communications. He focuses on the digital media space and also loves helping brands optimize for video marketing.

  • Trina Ortiz

    Community and Sales Operations

    Trina supports FirstCut’s sales and videographer operations efforts. She’s a proud mother, wife and freelance entrepreneur. Trina’s fluent English and Tagalog and has over 2 years of lead development and data management experience.

  • Jarel Nodora

    Sales Development

    Jarel supports FirstCut’s sales operations efforts. He’s a proud father and freelance entrepreneur. Jarel speaks Tagalog fluently and is conversational in English. Jarel has years of lead development and data management experience.

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