What is Conversational Marketing and Why is Drift.com so hot?

  “Conversational Marketing” was a term coined by Drift.com sometime around 2015, but it’s a concept that has existed since the invention of language and bartering. It’s the foundation of Sales and the keystone to any great customer relationship. Conversational Marketing is, in short, is having one-on-one conversations with customers to drive leads and improve […]

The easiest way for B2B marketers to get podcasts made!

We’re thrilled to formally announce the launch of our PodCast Production solutions for B2B marketers! Yay! We’ll arrive onsite at your office/s on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to professionally capture the audio and video of your new podcast! We’ll then post-produce your podcast and provide beautiful .mp3 and .mp4 files ready to upload […]

What Is GDPR and What Should We Know About It?

Everyone’s inbox has been flooded by “We’ve Updated Our Privacy Policy” emails since the end of May. The reason? GDPR, EU’s new set of data regulations that came into effect on May 25th. Businesses have been scrambling to become compliant, often in the form of asking subscribers via email whether they want to keep getting […]

How to Use Video in Your Email Campaigns to Increase Click Through Rates

There are two ways to define email marketing. You can say that its purpose is to promote your products and services. But a better way of looking at it is to say that email marketing is a means of developing a strong relationship with customers. The difference in mentality between the two is that the […]

Exclusive FULL interview with Slack’s Sales Guru Dannie Herzberg

In layman’s terms, Slack is a messaging app on steroids, helping companies streamline internal communications. In other words, Slack is a cloud-based app comprised of a multitude of tools and services that can be used over multiple devices and platforms. Users are able to engage in one-on-one communications with associates or create groups for better […]

#FoundersCorner – Ep01- “What is the role of emotions at work?”

Jorge Soto and Gabe Moncayo discuss the role emotion within the business world and how to find a balance. This is episode 01 of many.

Why make marketing videos using 🎬 FirstCut.io?

Steve Mayernick, Head Of Marketing at Guru (getguru.com) explains his experience using FirstCut.io to make their customer story videos!

WOW SaaStr 2018 was EPIC

SaaStr 2018 was completely insanely great for the SaaS community and very fun. Great #SaaStrAnnual2018 after party 🔥🎉 by @GrowthTactics #SaaS #TeamFirstCut cc @AndiVanetta @VanettaPartners 🎥 pic.twitter.com/zjYvN0YzPR — FirstCut 🎬 (@TeamFirstCut) February 7, 2018 We hit up the Growth Marketing Conference’s SaaStr 2018 party at San Francisco’s Infusion Lounge. The cell phone services sucked but […]