How to Use Video in Your Email Campaigns to Increase Click Through Rates

There are two ways to define email marketing. You can say that its purpose is to promote your products and services. But a better way of looking at it is to say that email marketing is a means of developing a strong relationship with customers.

The difference in mentality between the two is that the first speaks about such email strategies like spam (giving all email campaigns a bad name), while the second is aiming to keep customers informed on the various new products and/or insights in the business or the industry as a whole.

Choosing the second option as your comprehensive email campaign would be the first, right choice. Using video content in those emails would be the second. Statistics show that email video content boosts open rates by 19%, click-through rates by 200 to 300%, and reduce unsubscribes by 26%. The reason for this is somewhat straightforward. Thanks in large part to this, evermore digital world, the audience today is all about convenience.

People like to watch a video more than to read that exact same content. Nevertheless, customers also get bored easily, so, an ideal video length should be somewhere in between 30 seconds to two minutes, with the call-to-action message being somewhere in those first 30 seconds.

What Can Video Content Do for Your Email Campaign

Video content can transmit your message better than text. It leaves less room for interpretation, it increases its understanding, it cuts down on reading time, and offers a higher degree of interaction with the viewer. In fact, consumers coming in contact with video content, be it over email or other platforms, are 144% likelier to purchase than those who don’t.

Video content can increase shareability over social media 40-times over and can build trustworthiness and brand reputation. It will also reduce the chance of your email ending up in the client’s trash or in the spam folder, and will generate a high ROI, in the process.

How to Increase Your Videos’ Effectiveness

Simply posting videos in your emails isn’t enough to achieve the maximum results that this content can offer to your campaign.

Video Incorporation – There are a number of ways that you can incorporate videos into your emails. You can either directly embed, link, or use GIF images to indicate the presence of a video in the email. HTML5 is able to play videos directly in the email and it could be a good implementation for those looking for more engagement and interactivity with the audience. The way you choose to go with this is based, in large part, on your audience’s behavior and your own objective with the campaign itself.

Support for Both Web and Mobile – The latest data shows that mobile has surpassed desktop viewership in the US and now represents 51% of all internet access. As a result, you will need to make sure that you accommodate for both desktop and smartphone viewing, by supporting both Flash and HTML5 formats.

Use an Image to Direct Viewers to the Video – Convenience should dictate the way you structure your email campaign. With this in mind, use a thumbnail image of the video, as well as the play button, to show your viewers where the video is and what they can expect from it. The thumbnail image you use should encapsulate as much of the message of the video as possible.

Nevertheless, some text is needed just below the video to give the viewers as much information about what they are going to watch. Among this information, add the duration of the video. Also, consider using the word “video” in your email’s title to attract more viewers.

Analyze and Customize – Like with all marketing campaigns, there is no one-size-fits-all approach that works for everybody. This means that there needs to be some room for experimentation and customization. Use analytics before and after you incorporate video into your campaign to determine its effectiveness. This will help you conclude whether the content, design, format, layout, or structure, need customization.

What Videos Work Best

Certain video content, like testimonials and how-to’s can generate more clicks and increase engagement. Using these in combination, alongside your other content, will boost the click-through rate.

Testimonials – Consumers today are on constant lookout for any form of social proof that can substantiate a brand’s reputation and trustworthiness. Video testimonials are probably the best example. If you have satisfied customers, ask them to help you out, as these videos will increase the purchase rate by more than 12 times.

How-to Videos – Millennials and the younger generations are increasingly turning to how-to online videos as a means of learning new skills that can help them in their private or professional life. Use your industry insight to create such videos as they are sure to drive clicks and generate new leads.


By 2021, video content will comprise over 80% of all consumer internet traffic. That’s the equivalent of 17,000 hours of video being watched every second. Learning how to use video in an email campaign early will give a definite advantage against those who don’t.

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