Next Wed, 1/24 learn #VideoMarketing 📽️🚀at TwentyThree’s HQ in #SanFrancisco

Next Wed 1/24, learn why video marketing is the most effective way to tell our brand’s stories, drive traffic, and increase engagement.   In 2018, 80% of all online traffic will come from video consumption. Yet there has been lack of community leadership and networks forming around the category to drive it forward, educate and […], Sales Hacker, and Guru’s Testimonial of :)

Watch what Anne Gherini, VP of Marketing at, Max Altschuler, CEO at Sales Hacker, and Steve Mayernick, Head of Marketing at Guru have to say about about using for their video content production!

📽️ “How to frame a talking head” by Tomas De Matteis

Our very own Tomás De Matteis describes how to properly “frame a talking head” in your video production project. Thanks again to the amazing folks at Wave for launching this series!

How to Use Lav Mics🎙by Tomás De Matteis!

Huge shout out to our friends at Wave for this wonderful series on video production best practices. In this episode our very own Tomás De Matteis! Watch episode below:  

2017 Video Marketing Trends by Daniel Glickman​ CMO at Animatron​!

Our CEO Jorge Soto interview’s Daniel Glickman, Chief Marketing Officer at Animatron and video marketing expert. Daniel explains what trends they are seeing across B2C and B2B industries! This interview was shot by #TeamFirstCut at HubSpot’s Inbound 2017 conference in Boston, MA.

Content Marketing Tips by Ceros’s VP of Marketing Matt Wellschlager

Our CEO Jorge Soto interview’s Matt Wellschlager, VP of Marketing at NYC-based Ceros, who is making it easy for content marketers to create visually appealing content through their SaaS software! Check out the interview from the conference floor at HubSpot’s Inbound Conference in Boston, MA.  

Infographic on AdWeek: 80% of Videos Drive Less Than a Third of Total Video Engagement

A new report from TwentyThree, a video marketing automation platform, studied over 1.5 million videos to better inform marketing and content creation teams about preconceived video myths. See full article — on AdWeek  

Dreamforce 2017: Annual Sales Convention Sees a Return to Humanist Roots

As we wind down from Dreamforce 2017, Salesforce’s Tech, Sales, & Marketing Conference that seems more like an annual annexation of San Francisco’s financial district, it’s important that we reflect on the intense wealth of information that has been bestowed upon us. While being bombarded by contacts, knowledge, and networks, it can be hard to […]