How to Use Video in Your ABM Campaigns To Drive Results

ABM, or account-based marketing, is nothing new in the marketing world. What’s been changing recently is how marketing (and sales) departments implement ABM. According to a research done by SiriusDecisions in 2016, more than 70% of B2B companies had staff wholly or partially dedicated to ABM. So, what influenced this resurgence of ABM and made […]

Exclusive FULL interview with Slack’s Sales Guru Dannie Herzberg

In layman’s terms, Slack is a messaging app on steroids, helping companies streamline internal communications. In other words, Slack is a cloud-based app comprised of a multitude of tools and services that can be used over multiple devices and platforms. Users are able to engage in one-on-one communications with associates or create groups for better […], Sales Hacker, and Guru’s Testimonial of :)

Watch what Anne Gherini, VP of Marketing at, Max Altschuler, CEO at Sales Hacker, and Steve Mayernick, Head of Marketing at Guru have to say about about using for their video content production!

📽️ “How to frame a talking head” by Tomas De Matteis

Our very own Tomás De Matteis describes how to properly “frame a talking head” in your video production project. Thanks again to the amazing folks at Wave for launching this series!

#FirstCutRaw Episode 01 “How to use Video for Sales Development” with Terrance Kwok of VidYard

#FirstCutRaw Episode 01: “ How to use Video for Sales Development” with Terrance Kwok, Sales Development Manager at VidYard and our CEO Jorge Soto

What is the balance between video formats & styles?

FirstCut CEO Jorge Soto interviews Amanda Morgan, Marketing Manager at Silicon Valley based GoAnimate about #AnimatedVideo