The easiest way for B2B marketers to get podcasts made!

We’re thrilled to formally announce the launch of our PodCast Production solutions for B2B marketers! Yay!

We’ll arrive onsite at your office/s on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to professionally capture the audio and video of your new podcast!

We’ll then post-produce your podcast and provide beautiful .mp3 and .mp4 files ready to upload into your iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify, and any other podcast platforms.

Why Audio and Why Now?

As you might know, we have been preaching #YouNeedVideo for over 2.5 years and will continue to help you make video content at scale without the hassles or blowing through your marketing budget.

Today we are urging B2B marketers to begin publishing audio content in the form of podcasts and are also now preaching #YouNeedAudio!

According to expert Jay Baer in 2018, 6 Million more Americans listen to Podcasts weekly versus 2017. The mobile device and connected cars have also driven the consumption of podcasts.

It’s the new radio but now any brand can launch their own station!

B2B Podcast Show Ideas

We recommend starting to feature at least three primary voices through your podcast channels. The first is your internal voice, so this being your employees across the entire organization. The different voices will appeal to different stakeholders. These podcasts can then be published internally or externally through your audio and video platforms.

The next voice is the voice of industry experts and/influencers. If you are a B2B brand there are topics and trends that your customers and prospects care about. Be their source of best practices and insights and you’ll become indispensable.

Last but not least, it’s the voice of your customer. This is unique because you can capture testimonials and/or highlight your customer as an industry expert/influencer. The voice of your customer is the most powerful voice your brand has.


If you are a B2B marketer who is looking to either launch a new podcast or re-launch a pre-existing production, please contact [email protected] or write us here.

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